Is Working in Real Estate Dangerous? Here's What the Statistics Say

Real estate has a reputation for being a dangerous profession. Thanks to the 24-hour news cycle, incidents like robberies and assaults on real estate and leasing professionals are highly publicized.

Although most real estate pros go about their jobs on a day-to-day business safely, some find themselves in potentially dangerous situations from time to time: dealing with angry tenants, meeting strangers at a property viewing, recording a video tour of a vacant apartment alone, entering unfamiliar neighborhoods or areas, and so on.

What do REALTOR® safety statistics show? Is being a real estate agent dangerous?


How to stay safe on the job

While the vast majority of real estate agents won’t be attacked on the job, sometimes situations come up that would make anyone feel uneasy.

You can be better prepared for these scenarios by following safety guidelines. Here are just a few examples:

  • Keep comprehensive client records, including name, ID, and contact information
  • Communicate with trusted people about your location
  • Be smart with social media
  • Keep clients in front of you whenever possible
  • Use the buddy system by hosting showings in pairs

Protect yourself with a panic button device

As an additional precaution, more and more real estate and leasing professionals are turning to personal panic buttons to protect themselves against the unknown.

A personal panic device like Apartment Guardian connects to any cell provider in your area with 4G clarity.

In case of an emergency, Apartment Guardian allows you to alert local law enforcement that you need help in three seconds by pressing a button — that’s up to 8x faster than using a smartphone. The activated panic button can’t be turned off by an assailant, even if they wrestle control of it from you. Plus, the microphone picks up sound in a 10-foot radius from the device.

Real estate agent attack statistics suggest that property leasing can be dangerous, and it’s nice having peace of mind in your pocket in case something goes wrong.

Protect yourself with the Apartment Guardian personal panic button. Learn more.